Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mom's Easter Breakfast Honoring My Ireland Trip: Oatmeal With Cream, Honey, and Jameson

To celebrate Easter Sunday Paul and I made the two-hour drive to my parents' house in Wisconsin. If you don't already know this by now, my family are food fanatics! Since Paul and I recently returned from Ireland my mom decided to make us a feast for breakfast. It was in memory of her favorite breakfast that she experienced during her visit in Ireland in 2008. Our hotels that we stayed in while in Ireland featured a smorgasbord of mouth watering sausages, bacon, fruits, and oatmeal with Irish cream, Irish honey, and a dash of Jameson Irish whiskey for a kick. Now, if you have never tried Jameson whiskey before, go to the store and splurge; treat yourself! Enjoy the smooth taste, and the amazing creamy texture. You may be thinking that my family are a bunch of raging alcoholics, but I promise you that you only need a dash of whiskey in your oatmeal to get the flavor of it. The honey and cream add a perfect balance of sweetness and smooth texture. You've never tasted oatmeal like this before. I do suggest that you have something meaty to accompany your meal to balance out the alcohol-- we don't want anybody getting sloshed early in the morning because of this post! :)

Our Irish-Inspired Easter Breakfast included:
Irish Oatmeal with Jameson, Cream, and Honey

A dash of heavy cream
A dash of Jameson Whiskey
Irish Oatmeal With Honey, Cream, and Jameson

1)Cook oatmeal according to directions on box
2) Serve oatmeal in a bowl with the Jameson, cream, and honey on the side. Let the guest add a dash of cream, a smidgen of Jameson, and the desired amount of honey to his bowl.
3) Eat immediately, yet slowly to savor each bite.

Our second course was my cousin Catherine's sausage rolls. Hearty, delicious, easy.  Click here to view this recipe.
Catherine's Sausage Rolls

Our side dish was a beautiful bright bowl of juicy kiwis and strawberries. My mom sure pulled together a wonderful Easter brunch. The oatmeal was a treat. What did you have to share with your family this Easter?
Some Lovely Fresh-Picked Tulips

Juicy Kiwis and Strawberries

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