Welcome to Savvy Savories & Such! The main purpose of this blog is to show the full use and potential of the Marinade Express through fun and exciting recipes that will make succulent, fast, and healthy meals. The title is a tribute to the savory food that the Marinade Express will help you make. I am experienced and passionate about using the Marinade Express and cooking in the kitchen. Occasionally you will find crafty, creative ideas and tips on this website; hence the "& Such" part of the title.

Marinade Express Home Kitchen Unit

The Marinade Express and I have a long history together. It evolved from a company my parents ran out of our home to produce larger vacuum tumblers for the commercial food industry. When I was little I would spend hours swinging and playing in our basement while my dad would be making phone calls and assembling tumbler  units to be shipped off to buyers. My mom would work the accounting books for the business in the office. Not only was it nice to always have my parents around the house—able to arrange their schedule so they could always watch me at piano recitals or swim meets—but I also got to see what my parents did for a living firsthand. As I grew, the business progressed and flourished, too. When my dad needed more work and storage space, we added a separate garage. I have watched as my dad and his partners developed the  home-sized tumbler.  

Not only have I watched the family business grow but I have tasted the difference Marinade Express makes. Coming from a family of foodies, we are passionate about cooking and eating food. With the Marinade Express always available for us to prep our meats and vegetables, I have gotten very used to the way the meat tastes after using the appliance. I prefer my dad's steaks when they have been prepped in the Marinade Express over a five star restaurant's steak any day. Although my dad is a wonderful griller, it is the Marinade Express that really makes the difference in the flavor, texture, and tenderness. It makes anything you prepare  savory.

By now I am sure you are wondering how the Marinade Express works and why it would make a wonderful addition in your kitchen. There are several features that combine to make the Marinade Express the fantastic appliance that it is. The food is placed  in the drum section of the Marinade Express unit with water and  a package of the all-natural, low-sodium seasoning. Air is removed by drawing a vacuum, then the patented Grovac process initiates to kill bacteria in the food and remove undesirable chemicals and impurities. The Marinade Express rotates the drum for the appropriate time according to the type of meat being prepared. The seasoning mixtures add antioxidants, flavor, and moisture to the meat. There are numerous flavors to select from, or an unflavored seasoning packet for vegetables. To see all that the Marinade Express has to offer, or to purchase a unit click here. Also watch the video below for an example of how the Marinade Express works.

                                         How to Make Hot Wings Using the Marinade Express

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