About Me

When I am not spending time cooking (view my recipes here), and blogging for Savvy Savories and Such I am enjoying life by doing the things I love. I am enjoying my mid-twenties in the wonderful city of Dubuque, Iowa. Dubuque became my home when I came here for college. I fell in love with Dubuque's quaint charm, the vast Mississippi River, the rolling  bluffs, and Victorian-style houses that take you back in time. After college I moved into my friend's house. I have four human roomates and two dog roomates. They have become my Dubuque family. There is always someone around when you need them but the house is big enough that we all have our own rooms and plenty of space; I wouldn't have it any other way.
Dubuque, Iowa (Photo)
An Example of the Victorian Style that is Very Present in Dubuque.
 The Redstone Inn

Besides spending time with my roommates I absolutely love spending time writing and reading. I have my BA in English Creative Writing and an intense passion for the written word. I believe writing is therapeutic, it broadens the imagination, and transports you to a different world. Along with creating words on paper I love working on crafts (view my Thrifty Crafts page here), creating my own useful, artistic items. I enjoy everything and anything that is outdoors: hiking, biking, swimming, water and snow skiing, boating, whitewater rafting, camping, canoeing; we could be here a while. My boyfriend Paul is my partner in crime for these adventures; we experienced our first skydiving expedition together.

In 2008 I lived in Ireland for four months on a study-abroad program in college. During my time abroad my mind was opened to a vastness of culture, food, society, and a unique down-to-earth way of life. I learned the power of reusing resources, relying on what is given to you, and to appreciate the beauty in life.

Studying in Ireland gave me an urge to travel more. Within two short weeks of traveling amongst the lush forests of Costa Rica I acquired an intense passion for nature, Earth, and most of all aspiring to live a healthy lifestyle.

 From using the Marinade Express to help me cook healthy meals, to buying boots made out of recycled plastic bottles, and riding my bike to work, I try to realize that each individual human makes an impact on our fragile Earth and I believe everyone can make a difference in our daily activities. Through blogging and sharing the success of the Marinade Express in the kitchen I hope to make a change in people's lives, even if a small one. I hope you enjoy reading Savvy Savories & Such and continue to visit for more savory healthy meals made easy using the Marinade Express.

Please feel free to email me with any questions regarding the Marinade Express or about my blog at SavvySavoriesandSuch@gmail.com. Or visit the Marinade Express website,

Happy Reading,