Thursday, January 5, 2012

T-shirt Tie Scarf

T-shirt Tie Scarf

The T-shirt scarves have become a really popular way to make something old into something new. I found an old brown shirt that I haven't worn in over a year, maybe because it says "Everyone Loves a German Girl" on it and I figure I should at least try to look my age. I decided to use an old burgundy tank top that doesn't fit anymore to compliment the brown.

Supplies needed:

1 old T-shirt
1 old tank top
Pair of fabric scissors


1. Lay the shirt and tank top flat on the table or floor.

2. Starting with the t-shirt first, cut off the bottom seam.

3. Cut the the t-shirt into 1 to 1 1/2 inch strips, beginning at the bottom, up to the collar. Cut out the collar and the sleeves. Set the sleeves aside to use later.

4. Once the strips are cut pull on them to make them curl in on themselves. Set the strips aside.

5. Begin cutting the tank top. Cut the bottom hem off. I cut these strips along the width so they were longer.

6. Sort the strips by color and length.

7. Cut the sleeves from the t-shirt into small strips; set  aside.

8. Now tie each end of the strips together and wrap the loop around your hand. Depending on how many times you wrap the strip around your hand it will make the loop smaller or larger. I tried to make mine as random as possible.

9. Use the small strips from the sleeve to tie the loops together. I placed my colors together randomly, but be creative and make a pattern or whatever you want.

10. Tie it up. I made mine a circle scarf, but an open-ended scarf would have been just as cute.

11. Wear it. Wrap it around your neck and show it off. I wrapped mine around 3 times.For a tighter look I can opt to wrap mine 4 times.

This was a fun, easy, cheap, versatile craft. I plan to make more variations of a t-shirt scarf. I already have the shirts picked out. I hope you have fun with this one; there are endless possibilities.

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