Sunday, February 12, 2012

Turn A Purse Into A Creative Wall Decoration

When one of my old roommates was moving out of the house she was gathering together items she wanted to get rid of. One of the items was a purse with scenery of Venice, Italy decked out in sparkly rhinestones and big black handles. I loved the look of it but wouldn't want to use it as a purse because of the uncomfortable bulky plastic handles. Yet, I didn't want to discard it either because I have a personal attachment to Venice; I spent a few days there when I was abroad.
Enjoying A Ride On A Gondola

It remained hidden in my closet untouched for quite a while until I finally had an idea of how to display it on my wall. I went to Hobby Lobby and found a hook that compliments the purse and found the perfect spot to hang my Venice purse, right next to the Venice shadowbox I had made to display a masque I had bought as a souvenir. I hung the hook and stuffed the purse with tissue paper so it looks like it is full. It was the perfect addition to my wall, not to mention a cheap and resourceful decoration. I enjoy the sparkle and character it brings to my room.
The Hook
The Venice Purse
The Results

Soon after I hung the purse my other roommate gave me a wire Eiffel tower art piece that I hung beside the purse. My wall was complete. It is still my favorite wall to look at in my room. It is unusual, artistic and shows some of the places I have traveled to.

My Favorite Wall In My Room
What kind of purse do you not like to use as a purse but can't part with because of its beauty? Would it look stunning on your wall? 

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