Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Plans

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

I am not a big fan of Valentine's Day because the media hypes it up too much and there is too much pressure to make it filled with chocolates, flowers, and red hearts. However, I do like to celebrate Valentine's Day in some form. It is a day to celebrate Love and to realize all of the little things there are to love in life. Like the beautiful light dusting of snow we received yesterday; it wasn't so much snow that we had to deal with shoveling but it was enough to add a magical white layer to the earth.

A preview of what I will be making for an untraditional Valentine's dinner tonight: Hamburger Pie, Mushroom Soup, and Chocolate Dipped Oranges. Of course I had to include chocolate in my menu; I am a girl after all. I look foward to sharing with you how the meal tonight turns out. I know I am excited to eat it!

Happy Valentine's Day; take note of all of the things you love in life!

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